What is your shipping policy?
We ship candles within 5-7 business days. Candle Cowboy currently offers shipping within the U.S. and to a few select international countries. If we don't currently offer shipping to your country, please email us at howdy@candlewcowboy.com and we can set it up :)

Do you offer free store pick-up?
We do not offer in-person pick-up or delivery - sorry!

What is your return or exchange policy?
We do not accept returns or exchanges.  

What if my item arrives broken or damaged?
It's heartbreaking but unfortunately it happens. If your item arrives broken or damaged, please email us at howdy@candlewcowboy.com ASAP. Please include photos of how the item arrived including the packaging and do not throw away the packaging. All of our packages are insured with USPS so we will put in a claim with them. Since each item is unique, you will receive a Candle Cowboy gift card in the amount that your item cost including shipping.

Is your packaging recycled?
Often times, yes! Almost certainly our cushioned packaging like bubble wrap and paper is. We're working on moving to fully recycled packaging in the future <3